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Important information about filing a complaint:
  1. The Board does not have the authority to settle disputes between you and the person named below. Making a complaint to the NCBDN is not the same thing as filing a complaint with an arbitration board or a lawsuit with a civil court. The NCBDN has the authority to make application to any appropriate court for an order enjoining violations of N.C. General Statute Chapter 90, Article 25 and can limit, suspend, or if serious enough, revoke the license of licensees who have violated this Act, but cannot take personal action on a complainant’s behalf.
  2. You will assist the NCBDN in reviewing your complaint by providing as much of the requested information as possible. Please attach additional pages as needed to provide other information relating to your complaint. A copy of your complaint may be provided to the respondent for response.
  3. The North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition does not accept anonymous complaints.
  4. If you have questions regarding how to fill out/submit the complaint form, you may contact the NCBDN by phone at 919-388-1931 or by email at

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